If you are a baseball enthusiast in America, you can enjoy having access to the latest news, views and scores of your favorite leagues on your very own handheld devices. Be prepared to experience the thrill of the 2013 Major league baseball season by downloading some of the best baseball apps available in the marketplace. The apps listed in this article will help baseball fans that own the iPhone or iPod Touch device to access the latest scores and information about various baseball leagues. The app even allows the user to form a league and play games.

It does not matter if you are a true blue Boston Red Sox fan or a New York Yankees fan, these apps will provide you news and updated statistics of your favorite team. Here’s a brief overview of 4 baseball iPhone apps that should not be overlooked by baseball fans. 

1. MLB at Bat 

Although it is a paid app, the MLB at Bat iPhone app is a must-have. This app offers baseball fans the option of accessing the audio or video file from any baseball game. Many fans argue that the $15 price tag is well worth the deal because the app allows them to view live baseball games while on the go. Fans can even listen in to the commentary and hear the updates of other ongoing games. Some of the key benefits provided by using this app include game statistics, scores, game highlights and an extensive video library. 

2. FanGraphs Baseball

FanGraphs Baseball can be counted as one of the good baseball iPhone applications to be launched in the iPhone apps market. This paid app allows fans to pull up detailed player statistics of major baseball players who have made their mark in American baseball history. What’s more, this app even provides live win probability graphs by analyzing the games played in the 2013 season. 

It is also possible to get live stats of individual players and compare these with their past stats. Even the possible impact of the current play on the overall game is analyzed. 

3. ESPN Fantasy Baseball 

This is a free app which allows you to manage multiple baseball teams. This app even allows you to play games with a dream team of some of the best baseball players. You get to make changes in the lineup, trade players with other leagues and follow matches with live game updates. 

4. Baseball FanMisery.com Index Apps

The website FanMisery.com allows you to download Index Apps for all of your favorite Major League Baseball teams. This app keeps you updated on the latest news updates of your favorite leagues by aggregating information from established dailies, sports magazines and other broadcast media. The focus is on providing updated information on game statistics, news and opinions of your favorite leagues.  

In summary, these 4 iPhone apps are must-have apps for baseball fans who wish to have access to the latest in news, views as well as games released in relation to baseball. 

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Great app list. I also played Baseball Outs - www.baseballouts.com - at a spring training game this week. My friends and I were cheering into the game like it was the playoffs. I'd recommend this app as well.


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