Creating and keeping the interest of a church youth ministry can be a challenge. We all deal with a constant flow of information that is both interesting and distracting. One invaluable way to keep everyone's interest intact and on track is with apps specifically made for youth ministries.

Fun Apps

Radio U

Radio U is a Christian radio station that is geared predominately to the rock side with no ads or commercials. You can listen 24/7 and it is listener supported. This app for youth ministry is free and available in both iOS and Android on the Radio U site.


An engaging and easy way to record youth ministry events is to use the iMovie app right from your iphone or ipad. You can shoot and edit an entire video within ten minutes and then immediately share your congregation. This app is priced at $4.99 and is available for iOS.


This app 'cartoonizes' snapshots and videos. It comes with soundtracks or you can add your own music. A different twist and easy to create and share. The Cartoonatic app is free and available for the iOS.


Often sitting down with a Mocha Frappuccino will do more to open the lines of communication than anything else. This app allows you to pay right from your phone and tracks your 'freebies' for food and drink. The Starbucks app is free and available for both iOS and Android.

Information and Teaching Apps

Youth Ministry Wire

Youth Ministry Wire is an app the gets the content from the top blogs in youth ministry and brings quickly into your hands. No wasting time searching through mountains of articles to find what interests you the most. The Youth Ministry Wire app is free and available for iOS.

Live Curriculum

The Live Curriculum app delivers lessons directly to your youth leaders. Everyone knows what to teach and can do so right from their iphone or ipad. Everything is online which saves time for more interaction with the youth ministry. The Live Curriculum app is free and available for both iOS and Android.

Customizable Apps

While there are many useful apps available, sometimes you want something specific for your particular needs that endless online searches will not find. Onseeker is a company that offers custom application development services to create the best youth ministry apps for you. For a minimal amount of investment, Onseeker can make running a youth ministry a practical and fun mission.

Apps are best way to keep in touch with everyone while having fun learning important life lessons.

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