Smartphones are so much more than mere phones. These days, a smartphone can be used as your all in one device as you can use it for calls, GPS, streaming music, video and TV, organizing your finances, playing games and so much more. This is made possible thanks to the great number of apps you can download. If you have an Android powered Smartphone and you are a religious Catholic, there are plenty of apps related to your faith that you may want to acquire. Many of these are free. Here are a few of the best Catholic apps you can get from the Android marketplace, Google Play. Catholic Droid • Catholic Droid is free and is a great app that includes the Bible. Within it, you will find multiple translations, the Rosary, Prayers and the Commandments. There is plenty of information regarding the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and Sacraments, and many passages have been revised by Matheus D. Pagani. The app can help to minimize your need to go online or download the Bible as it is included within so that you have everything you need right at your fingertips on your phone. There is also a Spanish translation option for Spanish speakers.

Download the app here. Pope John Paul II Quotes • Pope John Paul II Quotes is an app that is pretty self explanatory as it includes quotes from Pope John Paul II, one of the most influential leaders of Catholicism in the 20th century. You can read a collection of quotes per day at your leisure.

Download the app here. Holy Prayers • Catholic apps for Android are incomplete without the Holy Prayers app, which is free on Google Play. Within it, you will find various prayers and psalms and beautiful and elegant artwork to accompany them. You can even download it to the microSD card on your phone to save up the device’s internal storage.

Download the app here. Rosary Free • Rosary Free is free and is a powerful prayer app that includes a priest and full group praying with you. It is available in multiple languages in audio and has subtitles. It is the complete Rosary and you can pray to various passages depending on the day of the week. Included is also an explanation of the proper way to pray to the Rosary.

Download the app here. Confession: Roman Catholic App • Confession: Roman Catholic App is $1.99 at Google Play and is excellent for you if you want to make confessions but cannot make it to church. You can create a profile that is password protected and make your confessions easily by following a detailed guide to the sacrament. Download the app here.

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