With the frenetic pace of daily life, a practicing Catholic may find it a challenge to pray and read the Bible. There are some Catholic apps for Android platform that will help in keeping the Catholic faith alive in people. Here is a compilation of 5 cool Catholic apps that will help in strengthening the Catholic faith and in leading meaningful lives.

1. Confession

The Confession app supports people in preparing for the actual sacrament of confession. By using individual profiles of people, the app helps in examining the conscience of a person. Users provide details of sex, age and vocation and the app walks a person through the various steps of confession. Once the confession is complete, all sins are erased from the app’s memory, leaving behind only the date of confession. This can be used as a reference for the next confession.

2.  iBreviary

iBreviary is a handy app for Catholics who wish to access their daily readings while on the go. This app allows users to access daily Bible readings anytime and at any place. It eliminates the need for users to carry their book of daily Bible readings .

3. CatholicOne

This app offers users many features like daily Bible readings, stations of cross and rosary. This app also provides access to several prayers in both English and Latin as well as two different versions of the Bible - New American Bible and Douay-Rheims Bible. The app also offers a link to yet another handy app-iCatholicMedia. Users can pray different prayers like novena, Eucharistic prayers and the Marian devotion through this app.  

4. Sirius/XM

This app can be used to access a radio channel, “The Catholic Channel”. Users can also benefit by listening to “The Catholic Guy Show”.  

5. Ingnio

Counted as one of the best Android Catholic apps, Ingnio allows users to deepen their faith by reading the Bible or by praying. This app revolves around the concept of keeping a ‘flame’ lit. It motivates users to push a button every time they pray or read the Bible. Users can accept help of fellow Catholics to light the flame and then continue to keep the candle lit by doing such activities.

If you fail to do any of these activities, the candle will become smaller until the flame is extinguished completely.  The app allows a maximum of 12 friends to support a user.

The modern lifestyles that most people adopt make it a challenge to stay rooted in Catholic faith. This article offers a useful compilation of Catholic Android apps for people to deepen their spiritual life and faith.

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