Hey… There’s An App For That!

Mobile applications have changed our lives in more ways than some may realize. If you are traveling and need directions to your destination, there’s an app for that. Maybe you need to decide what to wear today, there’s an app for that. For the photogenic type that like to take pictures of themselves, there’s also an app for that. Or maybe you like to post status updates on your social medial wall to all of your friends every five minutes, hey, there’s even an app for that too.

However, with as many apps as there are on the market today, there are still so many more that aren’t on the market. Sometimes this is because they haven’t been thought of, but more often than not its because someone has thought of it but doesn’t know how to go about turning their idea into an actual app.

You Can’t Start, If You Don’t Take the First Step

Not everyone has programming knowledge. This knowledge can be extremely helpful and beneficial when developing applications, but isn't necessarily required. There are a lot of companies available that will help you develop your app while working with you closely to assure that it is everything you want it to be. Companies like Onseeker, who have worked with a variety of clients from radio stations, to churches, to games and more, have done so many apps that the process is second nature to them.

The first thing any possible app developer will want to do is decide what exactly it is they are looking to offer. What is their idea and why will people need it? After this, you must also consider how your app is going to look and run. The UI, or user interface, of an app is very important. If an app is too confusing or lacks instructions, people may get fed up with it quickly and never experience how great it really is. Teams like Onseeker have tons of experience when it comes to what customers like and how setting up your app will be convenient and friendly to a range of potential users.

Apple… Android… Apple… Android… Apple… Android… It’s Good To Have Options

Majority of the people with smartphones have either Android or Apple devices. Each of them comes with varying differences when it comes to applications they can run and how to submit your app. Apple, for example, can be a bit more strict in what it allows in terms of applications. In order to release an app in iTunes App Store, you must follow a strict amount of rules and regulations to assure that your app fits all of their requirements. Android, on the other hand, has a much more lenient policy with its application market and what it allows on its devices. Both of these have their pluses and negatives, but when done correctly, any app can succeed in either marketplace. If you are unfamiliar with the differences in operating systems and marketplaces, well luckily, there are companies for that!

Sell, Sell, Sell!

Just quickly, it should be mentioned that after you develop your app, you must do all you can to sell it and get its name out there! If you just release an app and hope that it will do all the work on its own, you’ll quickly realize you wasted a lot of time, and money, in the process of mobile apps development. The harder you work to get your app recognized, the more popular it will become in the app store. 

Many athletes including cyclists look for mobile apps to help in keeping tab on the time spent in covering certain distance or completing a specific number of laps. They need useful apps that will help them find assistance when needed in an unknown location. Companies like Onseeker Technologies analyze the needs of end users and develop mobile apps to respond to these needs. Onseeker's best sports app for iPhone, Denver Cutthroats 3.0.,  allows sports enthusiasts to buy tickets, view hockey game schedule, and access discount coupons. This article throws light on four apps that are recommended for cyclists and athletes.

Bike Repair HD for iPad

The paid Bike Repair HD iPad app allows access to detailed information on common issues faced by cyclists along with detailed instructions to solve these issues and repair the cycles. This app is sure to come in handy when cyclists experience a flat tire or meet with an unfortunate accident along the way. Bike Repair HD explains ways to fix about 75 common bike problems faced by riders and even offers about 57 repair guides. Some of the guides cover topics on fixing a range of issues like shifting problems, brakes rubbing on the wheel, derailleur noises, a flat tire, pedal removal, broken chain, and hydraulic brakes. Cyclists need not have any concerns on their long cycling expeditions when they use an app like Bike Repair HD.


Cyclepedia allows cyclists to get more information about the history of cycling. Cyclists can view images of avid cycling enthusiasts on their bikes, jerseys and even some interesting videos on cycling. The user interface is designed to be friendly for users of Cyclepedia. The app also provides information on parts of the cycle.


Spinning is another paid app that helps cycling enthusiasts keep a track of their workouts. The best part about this app is that it helps cyclists keep a check on the basic health indicators like heart rate, blood pressure, weight, calories burned distance and time.

10K Runner

Amateur athletes can use this app to train and prepare for running a race that covers a distance of up to 10 kilometers. Aspiring athletes can get ready to cover this distance within a short duration of 14 weeks. This app allows users to listen to their favorite music tracks when running and prompts them to reduce or increase their speed by analyzing the running pattern. 10K Runner provides training in an interesting routine of walking-running-walking routine. Beginners need not worry about their ability to cope with the training schedule as extensive Q&A  are available through the app.

Many athletes and cyclists look for apps that will provide assistance to them when they are on the road, track their progress or health indicators or provide valuable information during an emergency. This article throws light on some of the best apps that are recommended for cyclists and athletes.

Foodies love nothing better than to scout for great tasting dishes at reliable restaurants in new locations. With advances in technology, they no longer need to depend on restaurant reviews in leading newspapers and magazines to dine in certain restaurants. Today, there are many mobile apps that can help food lovers identify good restaurants and have some great meals. There are also apps that can help in identifying great deals and discount coupons on restaurant meals. This article lists some of the best restaurant apps for enjoying the best deals on meals.

1. Blackboard Eats

Blackboard Eats is considered to be the best restaurant app according to some food lovers. This app is useful for foodies residing in Los Angeles, San Franscisco, New York and Chicago areas. Blackboard Eats not only provides information about local restaurants in the area, but also offers discounts ranging from 10% to 30% on meals. This app provides restaurant reviews, details about meal discounts and even allows you to pay for deals through the app. Users of the app will receive a BBE passcode by email, which can be used to make reservations in restaurants.

2. Scoutmob

The Scoutmob is yet another amazing restaurant app that can be used to avail good discounts on meals. This app services many locations and cities. Users can avail discounts ranging from 10% to 50% from select restaurants. The app provides discounts at leading cafes, dessert shops, bars, cantinas and restaurants. Users of the app need to present at the location to access deals on meals. Perks are also offered to customers who return to the same hotel more than once. Scoutmob provides details about events taking place in the locality, including film screenings and happy hours.

3. Foursquare

The Foursquare app is a popular restaurant app that allows users to virtually ‘check in’ at restaurants. When users check in by using the app, they can "unlock" coupons at certain restaurants. Although the savings are not significant, the Foursquare app can give users a free entree or dessert. Checking in at restaurants by using Foursquare will allow friends to know your present location. This app also allows you to read user reviews and recommendations.

4. Jump Tonight

Jump Tonight provides users location based services by listing the restaurants in an alphabetical order. The best part about this app is that it allows users to view the deals in restaurants, a week in advance. This app allows users to plan their schedule a week in advance of the actual day. In addition, this app has a "Plans" function that allows users to keep track of their social appointments. Jump Tonight also allows you to view the favorite hangouts of their friends.

5. Yelp

The Yelp app is yet another popular restaurant app that lists restaurants in a variety of ways. These restaurant listings are reviewed by users. This app allows users to search for a restaurant based on several search factors. The search can be narrowed down to the type of cuisine, price range and atmosphere as well.

Food lovers can make use of restaurant apps to locate great restaurants which provide some amazing meals. This article points out a list of top restaurant apps for foodies.

Due to fast-advancing technology, smartphone app development is more accessible now than ever. That has opened up a world of possibilities for smaller organizations that cannot afford a full-blown app development team. Now, it is possible to create powerful, engaging smartphone apps in house in a relatively inexpensive manner, but before you do, consider the following five items.

1. Supported Platforms

The two most popular smartphone platforms are iOS by Apple and Android by Google. Other options include Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS. Ports are possible but usually difficult and clunky, so it is best that you determine the supported platforms during the design phase and then plan accordingly. Keep in mind that it is possible to run Android apps on BlackBerry with just a simple app wrapper.

2. Development Platform

An excellent alternative to starting from scratch is to use a development platform, such as Onseeker. Onseeker offers foundation apps that you can use to build a wide range of individual apps quickly and efficiently, including business apps and Internet radio apps. A built-in advantage of Onseeker is that you can build for Android, iOS and Windows simultaneously while working on a single project.

3. Target User

The most common mistake made in app development, and software development in general, is the creation of software for an abstract user. During the design phase, identify the ideal user and isolate their goals, requirements, skills and the other technologies they use. From there, you make precise choices about how to present information in a way that will engage and satisfy them.

4. Goals

Another common mistake in software development is the program that tries to do everything. Instead, define specific goals, and work to achieve those as thoroughly as possible. Do not be afraid to put secondary goals on the back burner; they can make it into the project in future iterations. It is often better for an app to lack a feature than to provide it in a poorly implemented manner.

5. Distinguishing Features

Survey the available apps that provide a similar service to the app you intend. Do not reinvent the wheel; if some approach works spectacularly, incorporate it into your solution. Identify the limitations of the other apps that are out there, and then target those areas as the aspects that you will use to distinguish your app from the competition.


Each choice regarding your smartphone apps development should be made with purpose. Ask yourself, how does this step increase usability, expand recognition or decrease costs? If you cannot answer that question in a satisfactory manner, then that step should put aside until you can.

With the frenetic pace of daily life, a practicing Catholic may find it a challenge to pray and read the Bible. There are some Catholic apps for Android platform that will help in keeping the Catholic faith alive in people. Here is a compilation of 5 cool Catholic apps that will help in strengthening the Catholic faith and in leading meaningful lives.

1. Confession

The Confession app supports people in preparing for the actual sacrament of confession. By using individual profiles of people, the app helps in examining the conscience of a person. Users provide details of sex, age and vocation and the app walks a person through the various steps of confession. Once the confession is complete, all sins are erased from the app’s memory, leaving behind only the date of confession. This can be used as a reference for the next confession.

2.  iBreviary

iBreviary is a handy app for Catholics who wish to access their daily readings while on the go. This app allows users to access daily Bible readings anytime and at any place. It eliminates the need for users to carry their book of daily Bible readings .

3. CatholicOne

This app offers users many features like daily Bible readings, stations of cross and rosary. This app also provides access to several prayers in both English and Latin as well as two different versions of the Bible - New American Bible and Douay-Rheims Bible. The app also offers a link to yet another handy app-iCatholicMedia. Users can pray different prayers like novena, Eucharistic prayers and the Marian devotion through this app.  

4. Sirius/XM

This app can be used to access a radio channel, “The Catholic Channel”. Users can also benefit by listening to “The Catholic Guy Show”.  

5. Ingnio

Counted as one of the best Android Catholic apps, Ingnio allows users to deepen their faith by reading the Bible or by praying. This app revolves around the concept of keeping a ‘flame’ lit. It motivates users to push a button every time they pray or read the Bible. Users can accept help of fellow Catholics to light the flame and then continue to keep the candle lit by doing such activities.

If you fail to do any of these activities, the candle will become smaller until the flame is extinguished completely.  The app allows a maximum of 12 friends to support a user.

The modern lifestyles that most people adopt make it a challenge to stay rooted in Catholic faith. This article offers a useful compilation of Catholic Android apps for people to deepen their spiritual life and faith.

If you are a baseball enthusiast in America, you can enjoy having access to the latest news, views and scores of your favorite leagues on your very own handheld devices. Be prepared to experience the thrill of the 2013 Major league baseball season by downloading some of the best baseball apps available in the marketplace. The apps listed in this article will help baseball fans that own the iPhone or iPod Touch device to access the latest scores and information about various baseball leagues. The app even allows the user to form a league and play games.

It does not matter if you are a true blue Boston Red Sox fan or a New York Yankees fan, these apps will provide you news and updated statistics of your favorite team. Here’s a brief overview of 4 baseball iPhone apps that should not be overlooked by baseball fans. 

1. MLB at Bat 

Although it is a paid app, the MLB at Bat iPhone app is a must-have. This app offers baseball fans the option of accessing the audio or video file from any baseball game. Many fans argue that the $15 price tag is well worth the deal because the app allows them to view live baseball games while on the go. Fans can even listen in to the commentary and hear the updates of other ongoing games. Some of the key benefits provided by using this app include game statistics, scores, game highlights and an extensive video library. 

2. FanGraphs Baseball

FanGraphs Baseball can be counted as one of the good baseball iPhone applications to be launched in the iPhone apps market. This paid app allows fans to pull up detailed player statistics of major baseball players who have made their mark in American baseball history. What’s more, this app even provides live win probability graphs by analyzing the games played in the 2013 season. 

It is also possible to get live stats of individual players and compare these with their past stats. Even the possible impact of the current play on the overall game is analyzed. 

3. ESPN Fantasy Baseball 

This is a free app which allows you to manage multiple baseball teams. This app even allows you to play games with a dream team of some of the best baseball players. You get to make changes in the lineup, trade players with other leagues and follow matches with live game updates. 

4. Baseball FanMisery.com Index Apps

The website FanMisery.com allows you to download Index Apps for all of your favorite Major League Baseball teams. This app keeps you updated on the latest news updates of your favorite leagues by aggregating information from established dailies, sports magazines and other broadcast media. The focus is on providing updated information on game statistics, news and opinions of your favorite leagues.  

In summary, these 4 iPhone apps are must-have apps for baseball fans who wish to have access to the latest in news, views as well as games released in relation to baseball. 

Smartphones are so much more than mere phones. These days, a smartphone can be used as your all in one device as you can use it for calls, GPS, streaming music, video and TV, organizing your finances, playing games and so much more. This is made possible thanks to the great number of apps you can download. If you have an Android powered Smartphone and you are a religious Catholic, there are plenty of apps related to your faith that you may want to acquire. Many of these are free. Here are a few of the best Catholic apps you can get from the Android marketplace, Google Play. Catholic Droid • Catholic Droid is free and is a great app that includes the Bible. Within it, you will find multiple translations, the Rosary, Prayers and the Commandments. There is plenty of information regarding the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and Sacraments, and many passages have been revised by Matheus D. Pagani. The app can help to minimize your need to go online or download the Bible as it is included within so that you have everything you need right at your fingertips on your phone. There is also a Spanish translation option for Spanish speakers.

Download the app here. Pope John Paul II Quotes • Pope John Paul II Quotes is an app that is pretty self explanatory as it includes quotes from Pope John Paul II, one of the most influential leaders of Catholicism in the 20th century. You can read a collection of quotes per day at your leisure.

Download the app here. Holy Prayers • Catholic apps for Android are incomplete without the Holy Prayers app, which is free on Google Play. Within it, you will find various prayers and psalms and beautiful and elegant artwork to accompany them. You can even download it to the microSD card on your phone to save up the device’s internal storage.

Download the app here. Rosary Free • Rosary Free is free and is a powerful prayer app that includes a priest and full group praying with you. It is available in multiple languages in audio and has subtitles. It is the complete Rosary and you can pray to various passages depending on the day of the week. Included is also an explanation of the proper way to pray to the Rosary.

Download the app here. Confession: Roman Catholic App • Confession: Roman Catholic App is $1.99 at Google Play and is excellent for you if you want to make confessions but cannot make it to church. You can create a profile that is password protected and make your confessions easily by following a detailed guide to the sacrament. Download the app here.

Creating and keeping the interest of a church youth ministry can be a challenge. We all deal with a constant flow of information that is both interesting and distracting. One invaluable way to keep everyone's interest intact and on track is with apps specifically made for youth ministries.

Fun Apps

Radio U

Radio U is a Christian radio station that is geared predominately to the rock side with no ads or commercials. You can listen 24/7 and it is listener supported. This app for youth ministry is free and available in both iOS and Android on the Radio U site.


An engaging and easy way to record youth ministry events is to use the iMovie app right from your iphone or ipad. You can shoot and edit an entire video within ten minutes and then immediately share your congregation. This app is priced at $4.99 and is available for iOS.


This app 'cartoonizes' snapshots and videos. It comes with soundtracks or you can add your own music. A different twist and easy to create and share. The Cartoonatic app is free and available for the iOS.


Often sitting down with a Mocha Frappuccino will do more to open the lines of communication than anything else. This app allows you to pay right from your phone and tracks your 'freebies' for food and drink. The Starbucks app is free and available for both iOS and Android.

Information and Teaching Apps

Youth Ministry Wire

Youth Ministry Wire is an app the gets the content from the top blogs in youth ministry and brings quickly into your hands. No wasting time searching through mountains of articles to find what interests you the most. The Youth Ministry Wire app is free and available for iOS.

Live Curriculum

The Live Curriculum app delivers lessons directly to your youth leaders. Everyone knows what to teach and can do so right from their iphone or ipad. Everything is online which saves time for more interaction with the youth ministry. The Live Curriculum app is free and available for both iOS and Android.

Customizable Apps

While there are many useful apps available, sometimes you want something specific for your particular needs that endless online searches will not find. Onseeker is a company that offers custom application development services to create the best youth ministry apps for you. For a minimal amount of investment, Onseeker can make running a youth ministry a practical and fun mission.

Apps are best way to keep in touch with everyone while having fun learning important life lessons.

5 Must-Have Sports Apps For Android Users

Users of Android smartphones are always on the lookout for apps to meet their various business and entertainment needs. Sports lovers in particular, wish to have quick access to the scores of ongoing games of their favorite sports teams. Take a look at this handy list of sports apps for Android phone users.

1. LiveScore

LiveScore is a free Android app that offers access to live scores of matches as they take place. This app picks up the scores from the sources and relays them directly to the mobile phone of users. The games covered by this app include football, basketball, ice hockey and tennis. Users can access detailed match statistics for each of these games. In addition, LiveScore has a user-friendly interface and lets users select a refresh period of their choice.

2. Scoresline

Scoresline is yet another free sports app which provides several options to users in receiving updates of an ongoing game. Users can choose to receive text alerts on their mobile phones or log onto the website, Scoresline.com to get the updates. All a user needs to do is to choose the sports teams you wish to follow and adjust some settings to begin receiving messages.

3. Fox Sports Mobile

This is a free app that offers updates of scores from multiple teams or leagues.  If you are interested in more than 1 more sport, this is the best app for you. Fox Sports Mobile also provides updates on sports like golf and boxing. The distinct feature of this app is that it offers access to news, interviews and analysis, apart from scores and statistics. Users can also choose to only receive updates of games taking place in a particular location.  

4. Yahoo! Sportacular

Sports fans can access details about injuries of individual players, team scandals and even match schedules through this app. The Yahoo! Sportacular also offers scores, news, analysis and updates about their favorite sports teams. This app covers major domestic and foreign games and provides separate categories for popular games and your favorite teams. The bonus of using this app is the ability to  share content via email and social networking sites.

. Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News

Cricbuzz is a free sports app for cricket fans who wish to access the latest scores and detailed ball-by-ball commentary. This application covers the major forms of the game including Test matches, One Day Internationals and Twenty20 international Cricket. Android users can also view the international match schedules, the latest cricket updates and radio commentary as well.


Android users who are sports fans will benefit by downloading these sports apps to access the latest sports scores of their favorite sports teams. Some of the best sports apps are LiveScore, Fox Sports Mobile, Scoresline, Yahoo! Sportacular, Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News.